Do You Need Rover Repair?

Do You Need Rover Repair?

Air Suspension Problems Every Land Rover Driver Should Know About

As every Land Rover owner already knows, these rugged SUVs can handle even the toughest terrain. However, if your drive is bumpier than it normally is, you may want to get your vehicle’s suspension checked out.

Your Land Rover’s air suspension is a complexly designed system that requires the specialized skills of experts. At Eurofed Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, our certified mechanics offer quality Land Rover repairs and maintenance to our customers.

If you think your SUV’s air suspension has issues, call our seasoned Land Rover repair technicians today.

How Does a Land Rover Air Suspension Work?

Land Rovers were made to be extremely reliable vehicles. However, every design has its weak spots.

The air suspension in your Land Rover is outfitted with an electric control system that allows you to make adjustments to the suspension. To enable this unique feature, your SUV has four compressors connected to each of the air struts. Over time, these components can start to break down, causing you to feel every bump in the road.

Common Signs of Air Suspension Issues

If your Land Rover’s air suspension is experiencing a problem, you may notice the following symptoms:

Excessive leaning: You may feel your Land Rover leaning to one side

Steering difficulties: You may have trouble steering your SUV or experience forceful jolts when you’re behind the wheel.

Loud noises: If your air suspension has a leak, it may make loud sounds as the compressor overcompensates for the leak in the tubing.

If you notice any of these red flags, call the certified mechanics at Eurofed Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, today. We offer repair and maintenance services for all Land Rover models.

Quality Rover Repair in Jacksonville

Keep your Land Rover running strong mile after mile. If its air suspension is acting up, call Eurofed Jacksonville today at (904) 683-2085. Our mechanics specialize in luxury vehicles, including Land Rovers, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi. Best of all, we back our non-performance services with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

Contact us now for superior Land Rover repair and experience a smoother ride right away.

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